What grown-ups and little ones say about us

In the media

‘Each book is a unique creation made step by step with love.’

‘If you are after a unique and refined gift, you must head to Atellier Stories.’

‘Let’s dream with the world of Atellier - Stories and other wonders.’

‘While each object is centred around personal and emotional connections, the final delivery of Atellier is luxurious - a couture product against mass-market offerings.’

Child review of Atellier- stories and other wonders

“Dear Julia, I read the story today on the plane and I cried with emotion. It really fits perfectly for Viola. She is an adventurer and she loves animals. In addition, she likes to help others so she will feel super committed in reading it.
I find it adorable, the characters, the jungle, everything!! And the references to her two grandparents…
It’s true, it’s a bit long but I wouldn’t cut anything. I’m struggling to tell you where to improve because I find it beautiful. Thank you very much, it is a precious gift.”

Another message from the same parent, several months later:

“Dear Julia, I just wanted to share with you that Viola has named her favourite horse ‘Purple Jungle’ like the title of the book you wrote for her. She loves it and shows it to everyone who comes to visit. I took the attached picture this morning, she was reading the book on the stairs, sitting and smiling in a ray of sunshine. It gave me so much joy!”

“The moment I laid my eyes on this book, I knew it was special. When I read this book I felt that I was travelling from reality to a land of wonders.”
Viola, 8 years old

I had been struggling for months, looking for an original, unforgettable gift for my husband, when a lovely piece about Atellier came to my mind. Since the very first moment I got in touch with Julia, she tuned towards my thoughts, my wishes, my feelings with a light but very accurate touch. Julia has a special gift: she puts you at ease, making natural and pleasant any single moment you share with her for inspiring the process of the bookmaking. She put together the best team I could ever hope for producing the book of my life with Piero. There is an inseparable bond of professionalism and sensitivity and an impressive dedication in any single person I got in touch with. That is why your book is not a product, but actually, a piece of art: beautiful, meaningful, moving. Absolutely unique! 

“I thought the story was magical.
I just wanted to re-iterate what A. has said – it’s such a wonderful story and you have taken such care to include so many personal things. We love it! Also, the research that you have put into it about the city of New Orleans is brilliant. Thanks so much!!!”
D. H.

“First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on the story, and on your writing style, which I think is interesting and reminds me a little of Roald Dahl!”
C. S.