Your story on stage

“Let us bring all the magic of your Atellier book to the stage.”

We can adapt your custom Atellier story into a bespoke puppet show, for memories that will last a lifetime!

We work with a very talented puppeteer who has been writing, producing and performing children’s and adult’s puppet shows for nearly twenty years, including both original plays and adaptations.

She can also be the writer of choice for the book itself.

Her company specialises in custom-made puppet shows and puppet-making workshops, and can bring to vibrant life your Atellier story through puppetry, story and song, geared towards both adult and family audiences. The company has created puppet films for nonprofit organisations, original shows for museums like the V&A and workshops for the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology,  puppet shows based on classic books for literary festivals, and has created and manipulated her puppets for television.