Can I commission a book for a special occasion?

Yes, of course.
These are just some of the occasions we can create a story for:

Events such as Birth, Christening or Confirmation, Wedding, Anniversary etc.
Religious festivities such as Christmas, Hanukkah etc.
Indian Rakhi gifts
Chinese New Year, baby’s 100-days celebration
Family History to keep traditions, places and members of the family alive, especially if you live abroad
The arrival of a new brother, sister or adopted sibling
Therapeutic storytelling to address a difficult topic, like divorces, illnesses or even relocation.
Academic milestones: starting school, back to school, important exams, school or university graduation
Celebrating and rewarding an achievement or sporting success
Get well soon wishes
Mother’s and Father’s day
Thank you & ‘just because’ gifts

Do you really need an occasion?

Who writes the story?

Most of Atellier books are written by our founder Julia Brizi della Rosa but we have also carefully selected a few authors with very interesting portfolios – some are award-winning writers, ghostwriters of memoirs, poets, some are specialised in children literature. Based on your brief and needs we will suggest the best fit.

Julia has been a copywriter and ghostwriter for years and she has also been the editor of in-house publications in the companies she has worked for. She has extensive experience working with luxury brands for which she ran research and insights.
She has a deep understanding of High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals needs and lifestyles.
She has written many stories and poems for children and attended the Faber Academy on ‘How to write for children, the Scuola Holden of Turin as well as various other courses including some at the International School of Storytelling. She works closely with an amazing native English speaker editor.

What age groups are the books for?

We write both for adults and children. Most of our stories are for children aged three to eight but a story can be gifted at any age, even to a newborn and kept to read to the child in future.

“There is no art for children, there is art.
There is no graphics for children, there is graphics.
There are no colors for children, there are colors.
There is no children’s literature, there is literature.
Starting from these four principles, we can say that a children’s book is a good book when it is a good book for everyone.”
– François Ruy-Vidal, publisher and writer

How long does it take?

Given the intense creative and artisanal work involved, the whole process for a custom book takes about three months from the brief. We all know, good things take time!

We work with shorter turnaround to create poetry collections and art correspondence. Please have a look to see if these options may suit your needs.

Can I have the book in another language other than English?

Sure, we work with clients from multiple countries and we can work with translators to write the book in any language you like.

How much will it cost?

Atellier’s books are exclusive and entirely custom made hence the final cost can vary.
We will provide you with a specific quote, depending on the brief and the features desired.

How can I make a payment?

Atellier asks for 60% of the cost to be paid upfront and rest 40% to be paid at project completion, just before the books are shipped.
Payments can be made in total security via bank transfer in the company’s account when the contract is signed.

Can I purchase a book online?

No. An Atellier book can only be commissioned after a free consultation (either face-to-face or video call) to make sure Atellier is what you need and a contract has to be agreed upon.

Appointments are offered in London but we are also available to travel to other cities if requested, subject to availability.

Where we will meet?

For our initial free consultation, depending on your preference and schedule we can meet face to face in London or in a different city wherever possible, otherwise, we can book a video call.

Then we will organise your interview in your residence or a place of your choice whether in London or anywhere else subject to availability.

What happens if I am not happy with the book?


We are sure you will love it.
We will follow your project step by step, from first contact to delivery with love, passion and accuracy as Atellier aims to create meaningful gifts that will stand out and never be forgotten.

If you are not fully satisfied with your order, please get in touch so we can make things right.

Julia Brizi della Rosa

Can I see a case study or get a reference?

Of course! During our first meeting we will show you a couple of examples of Atellier’s books.
As you can imagine, the books have lots of special meaning and emotions which resonate mainly with the commissioner and the recipient; that said, you’ll be able to appreciate the story, and the quality of illustrations, paper and craftsmanship.
We can also share with you the contact details of the families who agreed to provide a contact for reference.

Can I come and see some of the process (printing, illustrator at work etc.)?

Yes, we can organise a visit to the illustrator studio or to the printer or bookbinder (depending on availability and locations) so that you can witness these fine artisans at work, ask them questions and get to see your book coming to life.

Can it be a family gift?

Yes, some of our clients have decided to commission a book by Atellier as a joint family present to mark a special occasion. Also you can commission a book not just for one child, but also for siblings or groups of cousins for example.
If you want to pass on the family legacy it could be a present for your wider family including grandchildren, great-grandchildren etc.
We can discuss options together.

How long would the story be?

Children’s illustrated books are usually between 32 and 40 pages but again, this depends on the project.

Do you offer Gift Cards?

Yes, you can purchase a gift card for your loved one.
They will receive a beautiful welcome box with a handwritten invitation explaining how they can book their appointment.
Please get in touch for more details. We can also design a customised gift card to your specifications.

“This card entitles you to the most amazing experience of having a completely bespoke illustrated book created for you. You will just need to agree on a brief and you will be among the lucky few to own a book crafted by Atellier.”