It’s more than a book,
it’s an experience



From the brief to the idea

After the agreement has been finalised we will meet to discuss the brief in detail.

Wherever possible we have a follow-up meeting with our clients and ideally, we get to meet the children (or the recipient) and become familiar with the places mentioned in the story.

You’ll be kept updated at each step and you will have the option to be as involved as you like in the process.


Bringing it to life

After careful research we write and edit the story and share it with you for your approval.

When the story is ready we will suggest the best talents in book illustration to match the style of the story and your tastes.

We will put together the team that’s just right for you.



The making of the book

At this point, the designer will work on the layout and the books will be ready for printing and bookbinding. Here’s where the magic happens, we can add original finishes and luxurious touches to your personalised gift.


Getting ready for you

The books will be quality checked, signed and stamped with their limited edition number, placed in our stunning packaging and delivered to you or your loved one.

The whole process will take about twelve weeks.

Atellier books are precious artefacts, they are an emotional experience, an investment in the future.

Our clients can order as many copies as they like. Usually they keep at least one copy in their library to pass on to future generations as a family heirloom. We also give our clients the opportunity to purchase some of the original illustrations of their choice .


Which story would you pass on?

If you’d like to find out more, please complete the form in the contact section or drop us a line, and we will send you a brochure with more details.

Then we can book a meeting, either face to face* (when the Covid19 emergency has passed) or online, to discuss your requirements and answer any further questions.

On this occasion we will show you some of the books we have completed.
We can also pass on the details of the families who agreed to share their books. If you are happy to proceed, we will send you the agreement to be signed off.

Then you will be ready to start the Atellier experience!

You find a few examples on this website as some clients have kindly agreed to showcase their books. But rest assured, unless you give us permission, your book will be kept secret and shared only with you.

Remember, you can order an Atellier book as a personalised gift for someone else, or simply as a treat for yourself. The best presents are the ones you want for yourself!

We have gift cards available.


* * Please note: appointments are offered in London but we are also available to travel to other locations if requested, whenever possible.

If you put time into capturing a story for them, they will remember it. For life.