Meet the founder

Atellier’s founder, Julia Brizi della Rosa, was born in Italy in an old house filled with books.

As a child, she was told amazing ancient tales from her family history and these incredible stories informed her dreams, her imagination.

Her family home was always busy with friends – artists, scientists and poets- who would make up wonderful stories for her.

Julia’s father believed that storytelling was the best way to pass on a legacy, to teach values, to crystallise a memory, a tradition and to prepare children for the journey of life.

He was a philosopher and he taught her what to look for in a starry sky:
you can see your past as well as your future.
Books are the same.

Stories are incredibly powerful and timeless, especially if they are captured in a book.
Julia Brizi della Rosa

Julia found her passion for writing at an early age.
Her natural writing style has been called “poetry in prose”,
being emotional and philosophical but
as she is a creative writer she can easily adapt to different styles.

She writes to capture the sense of wonder (me-ra-vi-glia in Italian)
which is typical of children.

I believe that our early childhood experiences shape us for life.
“All grown-ups were once children but only few of them remember it.” said the Little Prince.

Julia’s background is in advertising, where she has helped brands to tell inspiring stories. She has also been a copywriter, ghostwriter and editor of in-house publications.
After several years in the industry, she wanted to explore her natural talent for creative writing and decided to study ‘how to write for children’ at the Faber Academy in London and then at Scuola Holden of Turin; she has also studied how to master storytelling across different cultures.
She has a true passion for illustrated and children books from all around the world, which she collects and tries to keep safe from the sticky clutches of her two children,
Mia and Pietro.