EVERYTHING starts in childhood

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
Roald Dahl

Atellier is inspired by the magic of childhood, the power of storytelling, the beauty of tactile art books, the smell of paper and the endless potential of illustrations.

We celebrate beauty as a whole: from carefully curated words and poetic illustrations to the finest paper and artisanal finishes.

We believe that our early childhood experiences shape us for life.

We believe in the importance of passing memories to future generations – whenever we tell a personal or business story.

We don’t stop loving stories as we grow up, and our books are designed to be loved for life and appreciated as gifts for adults, too. They can capture a lifetime adventure, a difficult situation, a love story and much more.

We believe in the importance of bonding as a family, especially nowadays; giving a story is a meaningful and powerful way to strengthen bonds and emotional connections.

Stories can be healing; they can become a place to find warmth, comfort and answers when most needed, even for grown-ups.