The stories


Make them the heroes of the story!

Based on the brief agreed, the story can be entirely inspired by real facts or could be a fictional tale where we invent a magical world and characters to convey the message, or it can be anything in between.

For example, in one book we created for a little girl the parents asked us to write about the value of determination, how important it is not to give up in life, as their child was going through a difficult moment.

For another family, we created a story to help the children accept the family’s move to a different country.

A grandfather asked us to tell a story about the culture and traditions of his country of origin so that his grandchildren wouldn’t forget about their roots and heritage.

Any story can include familiar places, friends and family, family traditions, a turn of phrase, a memory from a holiday or a portrait of someone special. It could be a celebration, a way of marking a special occasion. Possibilities are endless.