An Ode To Uniqueness

You can engrave an object, you can commission a portrait but the power of gifting a story is incredible and will last for generations.

Atellier is a unique company based in London.
It is an atelier of stories and other little wonders.

Everyone loves stories – not just children.

We write your very own, bespoke tale.
Written for your loved ones alone, where they become the main character and their family, friends and universe populate the pages of the illustrated story.

In addition to Atellier’s illustrated books for private clients, we offer books for family-owned businesses as well as bespoke poetry collections, ‘correspondence art’ and other wonders.

Atellier’s stories are written, illustrated, designed and printed with artistry and passion.
Just a few copies are made of each one.

Atellier is a brand for someone who likes to choose something unique and meaningful, to enjoy the experience of customising the book while appreciating the wait, whilst it is being beautifully crafted for that special person or business.